The End of Easy Update Days

One of the neat tricks I’m using to keep my daily schedule is re-publishing old content two days out of the week. Crazily enough, though, I’m coming up on the end of the old content. Aaaaaaaah.

Wait, let me try that again.


Okay, that’s more like it.

So the question I face is: what do I do once the Peemeister and Nomic wells run dry? I have thirty-some anime reviews from the early aughts hanging around which would carry me a couple months. I’ve got several years’ worth of posts on an old LiveJournal I might be able to milk some content out of. I could always start posting Peemeister from the beginning again; the classic classic version.

This is all ignoring the two most obvious choices, of course: I could just suck it up and write something new those two extra days a week, or I could just drop them from my schedule and only update on weekdays. I… don’t really like either of those options.

What’s something simple and easy I can whip up in 3-5 minutes on my off days? Without resorting to STICK FIGURE THEATRE or somesuch? That’s the million dollar question right there. Ideas and suggestions are welcome.


6 comments to The End of Easy Update Days

  • To keep up daily content on my blog, I just review everything. Like, seriously everything. Played a game demo? Review. Saw an episode of a TV show? My thoughts. Worst Case Scenario, if I have absolutely nothing to talk about, I dump all the tabs of cool things into a post and call it a day. Honestly, I bet you are a cool dude who looks at cool things, so some kind of “way to waste your Saturday” recommendation may not be a bad idea?

    Still, you seem to have a different goal with your blog than mine. I’m mostly just trying to create a history of my thought process, and if people are entertained by it? Bonus. You’re going the entertainment route! So I can see the stress of trying to think of such things.

    I believe in you, though, Brickroad! You can do it!

  • You said you wanted to do more LPs. Why not just do a quick video on one of these days?

  • weareroger

    When in doubt, resort to old D&D adventures.

  • Why start up Nomic again? I think it’s pretty good so fsr, and I can’t help feeling the last strip doesn’t have a real ending.

  • Mom

    Write a book. Each week just add another paragraph or 2. Do 2 vlogs instead of 1.

  • Mom

    Pick out a current event for the week and give your opinion.

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