I love midgets.

My attention today was drawn to some information about Final Fantasy XIV’s player races.

(Apologies if you can’t decipher moon runes. I can’t either, but you don’t need them to check out the pictures.)

(Apologies again for an FF-themed post during a time when I will be putting up a huge guaranteed FF-themed post every week. I blog about what’s on my mind, you see.)

Anyway, I’m in love with the Plainsfolk in particular:

Okay, so they’re just tarutaru. Nothing wrong with that; tarutaru were equal parts adorable and awesome.

For some reason I am inexplicably drawn to midgets in MMOs. I played a tarutaru in Final Fantasy XI, a gnome in World of Warcraft, and a goblin in Warhammer Online. Heck, even one of my City of Heroes characters was a three-foot-tall robot from Mars. I never got around to Lord of the Rings Online but if you think I’d have played anything but a hobbit, brother, you haven’t been paying attention.

3 comments to I love midgets.

  • I only played LotR Online for a short while, but the hobbits were easily the coolest class and being able to run around the MASSIVE Shire was a ton of fun.

  • dtsund

    Come now. There are also dwarves in Middle Earth, you might have chosen one of those.

  • Lys

    Opinion withheld due to being incredibly biased. 😉

    But one of these days you should give it a shot. Main storyline (for the first Volume, anyway) is completely soloable now, so one of the complaints that players had about following the story and hitting group walls is gone.

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