Five down, one to go.

Sorry kids, I don’t have the wherewithal to do a for-real post today. (Not to do extreme laziness, I swear: I’m busy prepping my new Let’s Play that’s launching tomorrow!) If you’re dying for something cool to read, though, the citizen faction is about to win this game of Mafia I’m playing. (Or, if you hate me, you may prefer to check out this parallel game I’m not playing.)

Mafia is a brilliant forum game that I’ve been meaning to talk about extensively. There’s this massive overbloated wiki for it but just poking around the site for a bit reveals it’s 90% garbage. Here you have this great core game, and all the internet wants to do with it is load it up with baggage. Typical.

I’m sure some of the duders I’m playing with check out my blog, so I’ll wait until the games finish wrapping up before I post an in-depth tirade about the whole deal. The long and the short of it is, I’m excited about any game I can play with my homies in a forum browser… especially if it means I get to yell at people and act like a dick.

3 comments to Five down, one to go.

  • dtsund

    “launching tomorrow”


    It should perhaps not be a surprise that GameSpite is the one place (well, okay, perhaps there are a few others) on the internet that would want to analyze Mafia in detail and try to make sure it never got too bloated. I feel like I have done a good thing with its introduction there; I actually hemmed and hawed a bit before finally deciding to try it out on TT and see if there was any interest.

  • Merus

    “Here you have this great core game, and all the internet wants to do with it is load it up with baggage. Typical.”

    I think a lot of the reason for it is that the core game relies a lot on body language and catching people being inconsistent, and that’s much harder to do on the internet. To compensate, they essentially turn the game into a rules-driven game. The general tendency for people on the internet to be extremely naive about human behaviour doesn’t help, either.

  • Destil

    I’m such a terrible bluffer in real life. Ask anyone in my D&D game, the players know when they’re onto something just by irrepressible grin. This is the sort of game I enjoy a lot more on a forum.

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