How horrible!

They killed me in Mafia, guys! SAD FACE.

Well okay it turns out I was a bad guy. But still.

Speaking of horrible, I watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog for the fiftieth or so time last night. I’d say it’s a great movie, but… is it a movie? It’s kind of too short to be a movie. Or even just a show. It’s like some kind of unclassifiable YouTube spectacle.

I know this… thing was put together on a shoestring budget during the writing strike. I kind of hoped, though, that it would be the first example of a new form of media. I had hoped other industry-types would see Dr. Horrible and decide that low-budget short-form projects, totally free from executive meddling or Hollywood hoopla, would be worthwhile investments. But then, I guess I don’t know. Maybe the whole venture ended up losing money for everyone involved?

I think my point here is that I have a strong respect for entertainers who, first and foremost, want to entertain. Conan’s on TBS now, did you know? That’s a guy committed to his craft. He’s just in it to get some laughs, and it doesn’t matter where or when or how. These are the people who push their artform forward, in my opinion.

Can’t really put Conan on a loop in the car and listen to him, though. His show isn’t a sing-along.


2 comments to How horrible!

  • Elfir

    Give The Guild a try. Indy online humor series about MMO players, created by the chick from Dr Horrible. But it’s not a sing-along.

  • Sarcasmorator

    Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is not a movie, but it’s a good thing; a good piece of entertainment. Maybe it’s a show?

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