A Game Night of Thrones

Friday night is game night. Tonight’s game is A Game of Thrones, the RPG based on those books I like that will never get finished. Last time I played in this game I kept a log of the group’s adventures on my LiveJournal… but I gave that up when I lost interest or got distracted or something. I’ve been thinking about doing something similar on my blog now that I’m a bit more disciplined, but it’s kind of a Catch-22 — if I start keeping a log and the game dies after two weeks, I haven’t really done anything useful, but if I wait and see if the game has any lasting power then I’ve missed the first few weeks and it’s not really worth starting mid-stream.

Maybe I can negotiate with the GM for some XP or something.

Anyway, I’ve had Super Street Fighter IV powered up for an hour or two. I’ve split the afternoon between practicing on the training dummy and watching replays. It’s kind of not worth sinking a lot of time into this game until my fightpad gets here, you know? I’m pretty sure some of the combos the Challenge Room demands of you are literally impossible with the 360’s control stick. The stick is great for 360 degree control, but pretty awful in any game with eight distinct inputs. The d-pad isn’t much better — in fact, it’s not at all better. I actually modded one of my controllers back when HD Remix came out by following an online guide that was supposed to fix the d-pad. It essentially involved cracking the thing open and sanding part of the plastic away. I can’t tell now which one I did it to, though, so the “fix” apparently wasn’t worth very much.

While typing this post I got a 10-point achievement for watching replays. I feel accomplished! I wonder if I let the game run while I’m in the shower if it will unlock the rest of the colors and taunts and whatnot.


2 comments to A Game Night of Thrones

  • kaisel

    I say go with the logs, even if the game collapses it’s still worth it for writing practice. Plus I really love reading RP-logs, very entertaining.

  • Your Game of Thrones GM

    I will most certainly be willing to negotiate an Xp reward for a well kept journal. Plus it means I have to step up my game and run something worth writing about. It’s a win-win.

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