Movie review: Inception

Today’s my birthday! We did a bunch of stuff that left me fairly exhaustified.

Last night we caught the midnight showing of Inception. I went into this movie expecting something as wonderful as Memento or The Prestige… and I was not disappointed. I love a twisted sci-fi story that establishes some strange but consistent rules… and then follows them. If you can keep up with it this is a movie that will keep you completely enthralled start to finish. If not… well… it’s going to lose you and it won’t get you back.

Dumb people are going to be complaining about the ending for years, and smart people are going to be arguing about it. Absolutely fantastic. If there’s a better director currently active in Hollywood, I don’t know of him.


5 comments to Movie review: Inception

  • EtherealMoon

    Whoa, creepy. I’ve been following your stuff for a little while and we share a birthday. Welp, happy birthdays all around.

  • Happy birthday Brickroad!
    Gonna see Inception the day it comes out here. One of the few upcoming movies I’m really excited about.

  • Thymen

    Happy Birthday!
    I am going to Inception to when it’s out here. sounds like real fun.

  • Lys

    Can’t wait! Memento, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight are all fantastic, so I’m incredibly excited.

  • FSS

    I actually saw that it was your birthday before anyone told me, and I thought someone was just screwing with me. 1/365 chance, and I happen to pick yesterday to check out Kinetic Cipher.

    I’m going to see this movie later today, so thanks for pumping me up for it.

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