Let’s Play FF1 Fan Art

Over three years of Final Fantasy Let’s Plays I have accumulated some pretty hilarious fan art and/or Photoshops… especially my tag-team LP with McDohl, where we encouraged people to take sides and talk trash on our behalf. Here are some!

Combining IKA and RUGA’s respective routes across the desert creates a portal to the Dimension of Ultimate Evil. Or… something. Okay, this one doesn’t make a lot of sense out of context.

Not everyone wanted to be guided by intuition or fanaticism. Some preferred to rely on blind luck to determine the winner.

Still others wanted to forgo competition altogether, and entertained silly notions that the two mages would team up in the end. That didn’t happen, but it was a nice idea.

An Dragon Quest slime’s face on a Final Fantasy slime’s body. And that’s that.


I nearly peed myself laughing when I stumbled across this one.

But the crown jewel of them all is this amazing Deptford offering based on FUKT, the solo THIEF:

Simply amazing.

Thanks everyone!

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