Guess That Screenshot

So here’s a cute little Flash game where you can test your encyclopedic knowledge of video game screenshots: Geek Mind. The premise is simple: you see a screenshot from a video game, and you type what game it is. Get it right and you get points.

The trouble with it is that if you’re even a halfway accomplished gamer you’ll be able to play forever. There’s practically no penalty for skipping past a screenshot you don’t know, and you can usually feel your way through games you’ve never played by looking at the hints. I flipped through 200-some shots before I quit out of boredom. I’m quite confident that I could have played forever.

Unrelated: The only thing we had in the fridge to eat was a bag of pizza rolls. So I ate those. Now I sort of hate life.

8 comments to Guess That Screenshot

  • Nucular

    They used a picture of Quick Man for “Megaman.”

    No forgiveness.

  • Damn game CHEATED me by refusing to accept “Yoshi’s Story”–or “Super Mario World II: Yoshi’s Story”–for a game that was quite manifestly Yoshi’s Story.

    • dtsund

      SMW II is Yoshi’s Island, though, not Yoshi’s Story.

    • Rosencrantz

      Wrong title. It’s “Yoshi’s Island” or “Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island”. “Yoshi’s Story” is the awful N64 sequel to the SNES classic.

      I stopped at level 306 and 91275 points, because it was getting really boring and I was seeing games like FFVIII and SMB2 more than four times each.

    • jpfriction

      For some reason, the game just wants “Super Mario World” for that one.

  • Destil

    I stopped the instant that they started showing promotional art instead of screen shots.

  • Yeah, I’m PRETTY sure that I just mistyped “Yoshi’s Story” here, but put “Yoshi’s Island” there, because I distinctly remember thinking, this IS what it is, right? I’m not confusing it with that awful N64 game with the gruesome pink cartridge? At any rate, I almost certainly entered them both. jpfriction is probably right.

  • Yeah, you can pretty much just put a franchise name, so Super Mario World TECHNICALLY works for yoshi’s island, even though it’s rarely seen as such.

    Even so, I tried to be as specific as possible, just to show off. It probably would have been a lot harder if I didn’t type really fast. Even if I had a long stretch of nothing I knew, it’s pretty trivial to get the timer back up to 60. Managed 22200 points before dying, because the goddamn skip button is very fidgety.

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