Finally got around to fixing my Xbox.

I took lots of pictures, of only to have a reference of how stuff looked before I started unscrewing and unplugging everything. I was surprised that the trickiest part of the trickiest part of the procedure was actually disassembling the console. Once I got inside everything was smooth and straightforward.

The topic is interesting, and useful, and Googling about it turns up a lot of really stupid bullshit. I intend to do a full write-up of what error I had and how I fixed it, if only to do my part to stem the tide of that bullshit.

In the meantime, there’s a lot of David Bowie and Pat Benatar to catch up on in Rock Band 3. Oh, and Harmonix? You can just keep the Rockapella coming.

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  • Shifter

    I seem to recall that you were having a problem with the hardware overheating. I also seem to recall that one of the “bullshit” things google cooked up was that to solve an overheat problem, you have to put extra insolation around your console. I would like to hear what ACTUALLY worked. Oh, and does this mean we can see a fps-of-the-month lp coming soon?

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