Just a friendly reminder…

…if you believed anything you read on the internet today, you weren’t thinking straight.

So Youtube flipped everything upside-down, Gmail introduced a service that automatically sends your contact information to Nigerian scammers, Blizzard is probably trying to sell you something ridiculous, and so on and so forth. Even I couldn’t resist getting in on the fun by making a fake LP.

I’m kind of ambivalent about April Fool’s. I’ve seen a few good gags over the years but on the whole they’re either way too blatant or way too not funny. The best jokes strike that perfect balance, leaving you with a niggling voice in your head saying, “Wait, is this real? I don’t know if this is real.”

Apparently nobody knows where April Fool’s Day comes from, but honestly, if you were to Google up the information today, would you trust it?


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