How to get the Zodiac Spear (in fifteen easy steps!)

  1. Look up on GameFAQs which arbitrarily-placed treasures to avoid.
  2. Play Final Fantasy XII for about 30 hours.
  3. Figure out enough of the medicine-hunting sidequest in the Estersand to get across the river and into Mosphoran Highwaste.
  4. Kill King Bomb. (This is the easy part!)
  5. Run through like nine maps’ worth of unkillable monsters who can one-shot you.
  7. Get Zodiac Spear.
  8. Run back because there aren’t any save points anywhere, forever.
  10. “Hey look, a save point!”
  12. Reset.
  13. Repeat steps five through nine.
  14. Save! (For real this time!)
  15. “I need how many license points!? Jesus Christ!”

6 comments to How to get the Zodiac Spear (in fifteen easy steps!)

  • Meditative_Zebra

    For me, at least, the Zodiac Spear will always remain as a myth; stories of it shall be heard but its visage shall never be seen by mine eyes. Only one as pure as a Galahad and as unwavering as the sun shall ever have the conviction and perseverance to behold it.

  • SpoonyBard

    I screwed up the medicine quest (I think) on my first play, so I couldn’t get it early. But I’ve avoided all the ‘SCREW U’ treasures so I’ll be able to pick it up eventually. Perhaps when I do a replay I’ll try and get it as early as possible (along with that Nihaldooaldndfujskdaoa item)

  • Aaron M

    My method:

    1) Learn about the absolute bullshit FAQ-bait chests.
    2) Say “fuck that noise” and open the chests.
    3) Get bored and stop playing about ten hours in anyway.

  • dtsund

    Steps 5 through 9 remind me of the time I hunted down a Mark in the Necrohol of Nabudis about 10, maybe 15 levels before it actually would have been feasible to do so.

  • Craze

    FF12 is a decent game, but stuff like this is just stupid.

  • oh haha, I personally think FF12 is the best of the modern FF-games(after 6), but not without flaws.
    Personally I messed up at step 1, as I didn’t use anything but translation guides(played in Japanese).

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