I quit vlogging a long time ago for pretty stupid reasons. The old flip camera I used to use had problems with constantly corrupting the video it shot, and the new one I bought to replace it seemed exhausting to learn to use properly. The vlogs were a fun experiment, but they were consistently less popular as my more video-game-y YouTube videos, so I didn’t think anyone would miss them. Felt like a good way to make a clean break. Plus, it seemed silly to spend hours scripting, shooting, editing and processing a video just to say something I could blog about normally in a matter of minutes.

If the comments on my YouTube channel can be believed, though, people actually miss them and are wondering if I’ll start them up again. That strikes me as a sort of bizarre thing to want, but hey, I suppose I could make time for them. I dunno. What do you guys think?


13 comments to Vlog?

  • Garrison

    I always enjoyed the vlogs and wouldn’t mind seeing them come back. They always seemed like they were kind of a pain to put together, but yeah, they were a lot of fun to watch.

  • ShifterChaos

    I kind of miss them too… i started watching you right as they stopped… and never found this place till about a year ago… I just enjoy the chance to get to see the man behind the madness!

  • Kadj

    Dude, your channel can only be IMPROVED by showing off your hat more.

  • narcodis

    I dug your vlogs. I watched all your old ones, for what it’s worth. I say hell yeah to vlogs, but I think I’d say hell yeah to pretty much any form of content that comes from you 😛

  • Grant

    I think anyone who wants to see your face needs shock therapy. If I could find a way to game with you without having to look at you then we’d have a win-win.

  • Nich

    I’d rather just see the ideas presented in text form here, as you said. Never was a fan of the “jump cut every sentence into a slightly different position” vlog style that seems so popular anyway. It’s jarring and distracting.

  • I always did love your vlogs – I made a compilation video of your best moment in each one and played them back to back while you sung a whole new world. Internet creeper much? Yes indeed. 😀

    So, yeah, add my vote to the I’d love to see another vlog listing.

  • Alpha Werewolf

    I liked the vlogs, and I’d love to see them back.

  • Jansen

    I really enjoyed your vlogs; they were the highlight of the day when they were posted.

  • alpha jammer

    I’d love to see the return of the vLOG.
    I always liked your quick cut editing for additional comments and witty dialog.

  • Destil

    Yeah, I don’t see the point of sitting through 20-30 seconds of a video of a guy talking when I could have instead spent a few seconds reading. If you have something that works better visually and actually has a reason/punchline you can’t do in text then sure, throw up a vlog. Otherwise I’m perfectly content to just read, thanks.

  • Aaron M

    Nich and Destil are good people with good ideas about the world.

  • Arthur

    I can say that I found them quite amusing, and at times a source of actual insight. Of course, I also enjoy your more video-game-y videos as well, so I suppose I’m doing fine anyway.

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