I am a failure in all things.

I got up early and worked all day, and still couldn’t get my next FF2 LP update done. I spent longer today working on images than I have spent playing the entire game up to this point. That’s just crazy. My head is crazy. And, as mentioned in the subject line of this post, I am a failure in all things.

So, to hold you over to the description-y goodness to come, I’ll just go ahead and show off all the kickass animated .gifs I made for the update. But shhhh!! Don’t tell the dudes over at Talking Time! Some of those cats don’t even read my blog, so they don’t get to see these until tomorrow.

(And if you’re one of the TT cats who does read my blog, and you are now disappointed that tomorrow’s update has been spoiled for you, I refer you back to the subject line re: things in which I am a failure.)

(Hint: it is all of them.)


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