The DVD release that’s sure to make you vomit!

You may remember a few months ago when YouTube plastered their front page with ads of some kid puking up a big pile of dookie. I complained about this act of hideousness by plastering the same images on my front page.Well, you’ll be happy to know that they’re using the same disgusting imagery for the DVD release:

Hooray! Now you can enjoy the puking buttmouth kid in the safety of your own home, forever and ever! (Assuming your home isn’t infested with ghosts, demons, or “paranormal investigators” looking for a book deal.)

Today is my birthday. I was up all night last night working on a thing for a guy, so I’m celebrating most of today by napping. I woke up in time to write this post and now I’m going to crash for another few hours. I’ve earned it! (Not really.)

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