Flumphscape! — a D&D 5e Planescape campaign

Flumphscape! is a weekly Dungeons & Dragons game which runs on my Twitch channel using Tabletop Simulator. The current schedule is Sundays from 2pm – 7pm EST. These are some of my most popular streams. You should swing by and join the fun!

Brickroad’s Twitch Channel

El CiclonRiot

The Players

  • El Ciclon, githzerai monk, Believers of the Source, played by McDohl #1. A street fighter and former slave.
  • Kelian, aasimar rogue, Fated, played by McDohl #2. A records clerk and sometimes assassin.
  • Mahogany, genasi druid, Transcendent Order, played by Nodal. Once a bookshelf, now builds bookshelves.
  • Riot, tiefling bard, Revolutionary League, played by Nich. Lead singer of The Poets of Distortion Parallel Eternity.
  • Serenity, genasi barbarian, Transcendent Order, played by Destil. An Outlands guide, raised by gnomes.


The Archives

  • Session 18 – Not Technically a “Prison” Break
    The PCs break one of their friends out of the Sigil City Barracks.
  • Session 17 – A Killer Party
    One of the PCs hides in a dumbwaiter.
  • Session 16 – Could Have Had an Elk
    They got dire wolves instead.
  • Session 15 – The Krigala Hexcrawl
    The Beastlands is made of mostly small, black, hexagonal tiles.
  • Session 14 – Fightin’ in a Basement
    The PCs ambush a villain in his own hideout.
  • Session 13 – The Solution Bag
    Everyone wants what the PCs have.
  • Session 12 – Directions to Limbo
    The PCs are trapped in some narrow, twisty tunnels on Pandemonium.
  • Session 11 – The Hearth
    The PCs contend with a paranoid rat-man with a bottomless pit.
  • Session 10 – All According to Plan
    Things get a little messy in a Sigilian brothel.
  • Session 9 – Preparing for Pandemonium
    A new job leads the PCs to Pandemonium.
  • Session 8 – Factol Nilesia’s Proclamation
    The factol of the Mercykillers has some disturbing news.
  • Session 7 – A Short Lower Planar Romp
    The PCs go to the Abyss. On purpose.
  • Session 6 – A Visit to the Infinite Staircase
    The PCs track an important parcel to the Infinite Staircase.
  • Session 5 – The Gates of the Moon
    The PCs travel to Ysgard chasing down a lead.
  • Session 4 – Green Beer Day
    The PCs celebrate a time-honored Sigilian tradition.
  • Session 3 – The Rock
    The PCs sneak into the slavers’ secret stronghold.
  • Session 2 – The Poets of Distortion
    One of Riot’s bandmates is targeted by slavers from the Plane of Earth.
  • Session 1 – A Typical Day in Sigil
    The PCs get into some trouble in Sigil, because of course they do.
  • Session 0 – Character Creation
    Wherein a party of planar adventurers is formed.