dtsund’s NetHack Overhaul

My good pal and roguelike afficianado dtsund (who sat in with me during a few episodes of Shiren the Wanderer) recently compiled some notes about how he would overhaul the class system in NetHack. He has a lot of good ideas, and a few questionable ones, and this blog post is intended to offer my […]

Your bloodthirsty blade attacks. Yeenoghu screams! –More–

Ragnar the chaotic orcish ranger joins Dez the archeologist, Grundle the caveman, Rosa the priestess and Big Bertha the valkyrie in the Brickroad pantheon of NetHack demigods. (Yes, I am fanatical about ticking off each and every ascension. They are all of them very special to me.)

Looking over my log file, I see […]

The Ballad of Big Bertha

Big Bertha the valkyrie joins Rosa the priestess, Grundle the caveman and Dez the archeologist in the Brickroad pantheon of NetHack demigods.

Most people start out in NetHack by playing one of the easier roles, most notably wizard, because they confer the most advantages. I did exactly the opposite, because I felt that learning the […]

An invisible choir sings, and you are bathed in radiance…

First NetHack ascension: Dez, the lawful dwarf archeologist.

Second NetHack ascension: Grundle, the neutral human caveman.

Now Rosa the chaotic elf priestess joins these illustrious ranks. This is her story.

(Warning: There are three spots in this account where NetHack veteran-purists will probably grit their teeth and seeth with rage. I’m a big fan of […]


My first NetHack ascension was a dwarven archeologist, after a couple hundred false starts. My second was a caveman who stumbled upon archeologist #217’s bones file, complete with some artifact weapons, a bag of holding and a charged wand of wishing. I don’t even want to think about how I lost that run, but I […]

If you live near a Borders…

…you could do worse than to check and see if yours is one of the Borders locations that’s going out of business. If so, now’s a great time to go stock up on ridiculous books, board games, and as many silly novelty pens as you can get your hands on. Everything in these closing stores […]