Answers to “Unanswered” Metal Gear Questions

The Metal Gear series has one of the most convoluted storylines in all of gaming. Part of that is just the result of one single, unbroken chronology being in active development for close to 30 years. Another part is the series’ creator and lead writer, Hideo Kojima, being equal parts genius and incomprehensible madman.

As with any complicated and maybe-also-kinda-dumb story, the smartass internet sure does like to make fun of poor ol’ Metal Gear. Critiques and listicles and smarmy YouTube videos pop up all the time, full of barbs at the series’ perceived plot holes and unanswered questions.

So I have taken it upon myself to go to war on Metal Gear‘s behalf. Here are answers to all your burning questions, and then some. Beware, the fanwank apologetics get very, very thick beyond this point.

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