Farewell, 2009!

Happy New Year, everypeoples! Here’s hoping you’re one of the decent, right-minded people who will pronounce next year “twenty-ten” and not one of the unwashed troglodytes who insists on “two-thousand-ten”. I don’t have any big plans for tonight other than eating potato chips and drinking Mountain Dew Throwback while playing Batman and/or trollin’ around the internet. If you’re a more interesting person than I am, please be smart and stay safe. Don’t be the kind of jerknozzle that needs this deal, no matter how sweet it might seem.

Blog stuff! How’s this for a schedule: vlog tomorrow, Peemeister on Saturday, Nomic on Sunday. Does that work for everyone? Good, because that’s how things are going down, probably from now on. (I thought it was going to be easier to go with my “old content updates” on my days off, but no, that’s turning out to not be the case. It’ll be easier to shoot a video on my day off since there’s less chance of me sleeping in until 3pm, as happened today.)

So let’s see. New Year’s Resolution. I want to do more Let’s Plays. Like, way more. Like I want to be able to upload a video every single day in 2010. I’m not saying that’s going to happen — heck, I don’t even have one ready to upload tomorrow — but there’s no real reason it shouldn’t happen. When you consider that two hours of playing equals nearly two weeks of updates it almost sounds silly that I don’t set aside that time for what is probably the most entertaining thing I’m doing with the internet these days.

I’d also like to build my new computer sometime this year, complete with a decent capture card. Little Big Planet has been begging to be LPed since the day it came out, and so have some of these old PS2/Gamecube games I’ve got laying around. I’ve just about exhausted my cache of games I’m awesome at and can demolish for the enjoyment of all, unfortunately, so it’s time to shift my style a little bit. (Or get awesome at more games. Heh.)

Thanks to everyone who reads this mess for helping make 2009 one of my favorite years even though it has been one of my crappiest years.

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