Vlog 033: Self-taught

Part of this whole “new camera” deal is that the movie files it produces are much larger than those of the old camera, and therefore take a lot longer to upload. So if you’re reading this post at any reasonable hour on the 15th that’s why you’re seeing a dead video right here:

Of course if you’re up late or crawling through the archives or whatever, you just see the video. And all’s well.

Anyway I wasn’t kidding about Cave Story being stupidly difficult to record. Every time I sit down to do it this is the result:

I mean hey, if everyone is okay with Slanty Monochrome Staticy Cave Story I’ll go ahead and record them. I can see the game fine, ain’t no skin off my nose.

3 comments to Vlog 033: Self-taught

  • Not_from_LOTR_Balrog

    Does it still do that when you run in windowed mode?

  • Dorne

    How are you recording? I’ve been looking into ways to lp games on the computer “freely”, like (for Windows) using Camstudio (which for me seems to lag in the audio department), and Adobe Media Encoder. Now I’ve seen another method using VH Capture from Hmelyoff Labs in combination with Virtualdub using this tutorial:


    • Brickroad

      @Balrog: It does it fullscreen, widescreen, this resolution or that, on a boat and with a goat. I just don’t know what the problem is.

      @Dorne: I’m using Camtasia, which has been wonderful for everything I’ve done up to this point. I’ve tried Camstudio but it’s not quite as user-friendly.

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