The New Computer That I Don’t Have

My internet is throwing temper tantrums today, which is a shame because I planned to spend it watching YouTube videos and dicking around on Kongregate. Also I guess the president gave some big important speech yesterday evening? I was hoping to maybe catch some of that too.

Anyway, I would love to say this is preventing me from posting some blog masterpiece I’d been cooking up, but that’d be a lie. And I could never lie to you people. Not ever.

So I’ve been trying to build a computer for a year now. When I started doing Let’s Play videos in mid-2008 I realized that my recording rig was holding me back. I was using a computer built specifically to play Final Fantasy XI, if that’s any indication on how behind the times I was.

But then Christmas happened, and you all know how that is. I figured for sure that once the holidays were behind me I’d be able to whip something together in short order.

Except right about then I got laid off. For the next six months I had trouble justifying McDonald’s let alone a new computer.

I didn’t stay laid off forever though! I got a great new job, threw some money at a few bills that had been piling up (and at a few games I had missed) and, once again. dreams of that wonderful new internet machine started coming back to life.

Then Christmas happened. Again. Funny how it always seems to come around about the same time every year.

So here I am in January ’10, with the same aspirations I had in January ’09: build a new computer. No doubt I’ll get a few hundred bucks together and then, I don’t know, my dog will explode or something. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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