End of Nomic

Well, last week’s Nomic was the last Nomic. I had a conversation with the artist last weekend to see about picking it back up, but… here we are. Oh well.

Nomic was more experimental than anything (which, if you’ve read it, you already knew). One of the things my artist pal wanted to do was a fantasy-themed comic, but he never got it off the ground for whatever reason. I liked the idea of taking two of the characters from his fantasy comic and putting them in our wacky universe-being-built setting just to see what happened. The canonical explanation was the was reorganizing his hard drive and accidentally copy/pasted old sketches from that comic into c:comicsnomic.

So we had this generic fantasy swordsman Al, and his temperamental dark elf sorceress companion Em, and Em’s familiar Veewah. The gag from here was going to be that Al would struggle with the idea that he wasn’t going to be the archetypal “hero saving the world” he was originally meant to be, whereas Em was going to feel relieved about escaping what she felt was a dead-end storyline. And of course they would have played the game along with us and taken their turns making rules as we went.

Veewah spoke in an alien language with an alphabet that Davin designed. The idea here was that it looked like gibberish but could actually be deciphered if you had the key. We weren’t sure whether we were going to eventually release the key or just let people figure it out for themselves.

Looking back over the comic now I kind of don’t like the narrator voices. I’m not sure how I’d do it differently, with a single narrator voice that eventually gets phased out, or just having Dot pop into existence and going from there. It’s a moot point I guess.

Anyway, that’s the end of Nomic, or at least the end of that run of it. Thanks for coming along!

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