Suikoden VI: The 108 Stars of Destiny

There is no Suikoden VI, of course. But it’s nice to speculate. And speculate we did, shortly after Suikoden V came out several years ago. My good buddy FD and I had long conversations about what the grand finale of the Suikoden series might be like: nations from all over the globe teaming up to take down Harmonia. (How was it FD put it? “Turn Harmonia into a sheet of glass.” Nice ring to it.)

So I did what any hardcore Suikoden fanboy would do: I concocted a complete list of Stars of Destiny for Suikoden VI. It’s about equal parts returning characters and new creations. It should have ended there, but it didn’t; the next step, of course, was to write up the results of the player’s investigations. Because, hey, it’s just not Suikoden without a nosy detective.

Here it is in glorious plain text:

9 comments to Suikoden VI: The 108 Stars of Destiny

  • See, I personally would love to see Suikoden VI have Viki be the hero, and it be all about her going through time to gather stars from all the previous wars.

    It’d be pretty awesome to see parties like McDohl/SRB/Hugo/Thomas/Hero4/Hero5 or my personal favourite: Viki/Viki/Viki/Viki/Viki/Little Viki

  • Kirin

    Oh man, I don’t have time to read this all right now, but it looks totally awesome and I will totally go through the entire thing later.

  • dtsund

    In all honesty, I think I’d just want a character named Hieronymous Gaylord. Full circle, y’know?

  • Kirin

    Ok, I’ve now read every word (while I should have been working), and this is bloody fantastic. Nicely done.

  • Ossobucco

    I like how you have her refer to everyone as Mr or Ms. It’s cute, but it’s also an easy way to consistently distinguish the genders of weirdly-named characters without seeing their portraits. Kudos.

  • Here’s my super-nerdy nitpick:

    In Suikoden IV, when you’ve “collected” all 108 Stars of Destiny, the Rune of Punishment moves on from its Punishment phase and into its Atonement phase (IIRC). From that point on, the rune no longer hurts Lazlo. This is also why he only survives in the 108 Stars ending.


    • Brickroad

      @Rosencrantz: I think the idea was that it had changed back for some reason in the intervening 180 years. If I ever find the plot outline I wrote for it I’ll let you know.

  • tenkai

    all suikoden hope the next suikoden release soon…

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