How’s this for an awesome life?

Mega Man 10 on Wii, big bottle of Pepsi and a bag of cheeseburger flavored Doritos. Does life get more gluttonous or self-indulgent than this? I submit that it does not, sir.

Mega Man 10 is, of course, amazing so far. I’ve only seen three levels and I’m already in love. In fact, I want to hurry up and finish typing this post so I can get back to the other five. Baseball Man awaits!

First though, a few notes about what’s happening on the Let’s Play front:

1) YouTube is being a weepy bitch for some reason. I cannot upload files or access most of the features on my own gorram channel page. So even though I have the next two episodes of Mega Man X4 sitting right here… you can’t watch them. Sorry. YouTube’s stock response page says this is a known issue that happens to “certain users” from time to time, and that it will hopefully go away eventually maybe. Once it does, X4 will come back.

2) The massive co-op LP I’ve been working on is finished! What’s more, the early parts of it were finished a long time ago, and are already uploaded and waiting for me to toggle them over to be shared publicly. I’ve made the first two episodes available, and this series is so massive that at two-a-day it won’t be finished until halfway through April. Here’s a link to the playlist: Let’s play Secret of Evermore with SovanJedi.

3) After days of screwing with compression settings and deinterlacing filters I finally have a recording rig set up that can handle console games. I plan to screw around with some more Little Big Planet videos in the near future, but I’d also like to dip my toes into the wonderful world of streaming Let’s Plays. I’ve got three people who intend to join me for a Mega Man 9 jam session sometime in the (near?) future. That should be awesome.

…oh, and cheeseburger Doritos? Well, they’re not bad I guess. They don’t really taste like cheeseburgers. In fact the most distinct flavor I’m getting out of them are those little rubbery diced onions that come on a McDonald’s double cheese. Which, now that I’m actually thinking about it some more, is making me a little gaggy.

2 comments to How’s this for an awesome life?

  • RT-55J

    My reaction to the phrase “cheeseburger flavored Doritos” was somewhere between “wha-huh?” and “mmmmmmm…”.

    Anyways, I would be playing Mega Man 10 right now, but I need to focus on more important things right now, like getting a job so I don’t end up being a pathetic shut-in or kicked out of the house.

  • DRock067

    the taco flavor doritos aren’t that very good either.

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