The Lincoln Hypocrisy

Having just finished and thoroughly enjoyed Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, it occurs to me that I’ve been a tad hypocritical. It was a mere month ago where I railed against the use of our most revered presidents in cheesy President’s Day advertising, after all. Why is it okay for Abe to hunt vampires and not sell furniture? (Or appear in silly internet comics, for that matter?)

I’ve been trying to quantify the difference in my mind, and I think it has to do with the direction of creative energy. Christ that sounded retarded. I’ll try again. It has to do with whether the likeness is used in service of a worthwhile story, or whether it’s used simply to capitalize on a recognizable face. It’s the difference between Disney releasing a Mickey Mouse cartoon and a budget Day Care painting a vaguely Mickey Mouse-ish shape on the wall.

Or maybe there’s no distinction at all and my biases are just showing plain as day. Or maybe I just have an irrational hatred of furniture stores. Yeah, let’s go with that last one.

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