How to make Mega Man 10 not suck.

Okay, that’s unfair. Mega Man 10 doesn’t suck. It’s a catchy title though, isn’t it?

Anyway, it’s easy: play as Bass. All those little annoying things I hated about my first playthrough suddenly made sense when I started playing as Bass:

  1. Stage sub-bosses that should be dodge-and-return-fire affairs… well, are now. Never bang your head against the soccer ball robot or the giant lightbulb again!
  2. Treble is the equivalent of Mega Man 3’s awesome Rush Jet. If a part in a level is too hard for you, or you just hate it for whatever reason, now you can skip it! Just equip Treble and zoom on by! I flew across all the super-obnoxious sections of Pump Man’s level and didn’t think twice about it.
  3. Robot Masters that were too difficult to dodge before are now actually fun thanks to Bass’s dash. (I’d have prefered a slide, but I’ll take what I can get. No excuse to deny me a dedicated dash button, though.)

Just like Mega Man & Bass, this particular game feels like it was balanced around a character with aimable shots and a dash… and then Mega Man was stapled on as an afterthought. I might even have it in me to try Hard Mode now!

2 comments to How to make Mega Man 10 not suck.

  • RT-55J

    First you say Wily 3 is an unfair stage and now you say Pump Man’s level has obnoxious sections…

    Something tells me we haven’t been playing the same game.

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