Long-lost Son of Three Unrelated Things

Unrelated Thing #1: I stopped trying to make sense of Homestuck like a month ago. Checking the site for new updates used to be exciting; now it’s just wearying. I can’t tell if I want the thing to get back on form or if I want to just stop reading it. It’s one thing to make a comic entirely out of delicious nerd-cruft; it’s another to mix in so many underdeveloped characters and concepts that it’s impossible to care about any part of it anymore.

Unrelated Thing #2: Mafia 3 is underway, and it is glorious.

Unrelated Thing #3: Dish Network commercials are starting to actively piss me off. It drives me crazy when commercials ask a question with an incredibly obvious answer as though it were a slam-dunk rhetorical. In this case: “Why pay more for cable?” Answer: because that’s where the internet access comes from, idiot. Does Dish Network even offer an internet plan? If so, it’s not indicated in any way in its advertising. It just seems disingenuous somehow to put a parade of young, hip, successful-looking people in your commercial, and all of them are willing to throw away their internet access to save some money. You know, I bet if I called my cable company and canceled my internet, I could save some money too. Weird!

2 comments to Long-lost Son of Three Unrelated Things

  • dtsund

    And even if Dish did provide Internet access, you might not want it. I have suffered under the yoke of satellite-based Internet access, and I can attest that it is not fun.

    Incidentally, I just watched Survivor and you didn’t neener-neener-neener

  • Destil

    Yeah, my buddy from college who had satellite internet used to call it ‘wiplash internet’ because of his 1000+ pings with high bandwidth. Gaming over a satellite connection is pretty much impossible, so there you go.

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