The Omegle Files: Haha no

Omegle was a fun website for a while. I got a couple updates out of just posting hilarious random chats I had there, and was planning to do another this week. Kind of a fun, easy thing to do for a blog post when nothing else springs to mind, you know? As long as I didn’t go running to that well too often, it would have been great.

Turns out, I should have ran to that well more often.

Omegle was never a bastion of intelligent conversation, but used to be you could hop in there and have some laughs. People were willing to play along with you if you were being silly. Today I went in, expecting something like that, and got a bunch of “asl?”

Followed immediately, of course, by a disconnect.

Well there was that one “girl” who wanted me to talk about my cock. And you know, nothing against my cock, but it’s not that interesting a conversation piece.

So six months ago or whatever I was able to spend an hour on Omegle and get enough material for a reasonably humorous blog post. TOday I spent an hour there and got a whole bunch of nothing.

So I went and played Bloons instead:

Bloons 4

I always play on Easy, because who wants to play a hard tower defense game?

Monkeys going crazy on some bloons always cheers me up, especially after you get way up in levels where the game degenerates into a laggy clusterfuck of explosions and laser beams. I’ve got Round 102 of that same game open in another window right now, in fact! Maybe I’ll YouTube it later.

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