When half of the commercials on a radio station advertise the station itself, and half of the remaining half advertise the fact that they give away $1000 twice a day, how does the station make any money? And why does some other station make a big deal about how they give away $100 per day? A hunnerd bucks is barely worth the gas it would take to drive out and pick up the check.

Actually I think the answers to these questions are simpler than I’m making them appear: I need an iPod so I can stop listening to the radio in the car like some kind of neanderthal.

4 comments to $1000

  • Gredlen

    One of the radio stations here has a commercial about how it has fewer commercials than THE OTHER STATION. They’ve played it so many times, I feel like they’ve kinda undermined their point.

    • Brickroad

      Yes! This station does that too! They even run that ad during the block of music advertised as “ad-free!” So really it’s ad-free except for the ads about how they don’t have ads!


  • DragonShadow

    The radio is also promoting the music they play. I’m sure record executives give them money to play their songs.

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