Erf Day

Earth Day is not a real holiday, though I lack the energy to rant and rave about that right now. Long story short: I’m not an environmentalist, and in fact environmentalists tend to completely exasperate me. This is a group of who will collect recyclables one day, then sign a petition to prevent a nuclear power plant from opening the next. That’s a bit like trying to save yourself from getting eaten by a shark by trying to file its teeth down.

Okay so I ranted a little bit. I’m allowed!

Peanut and I had to deal with a comparatively minor medical issue this morning. She’s fine, although it seems like the medication is kicking her ass and the lack of sleep is kicking mine. Praise Allah I don’t have to work tonight. I’ll probably crash for another five or six hours then do some work on Let’s Play Final Fantasy Again, or watch YouTube videos all night, or basically do whatever it is Brickroads do when they die in Mafia and aren’t allowed to play anymore.

3 comments to Erf Day

  • Merus

    Like messaging Meruses with passive-aggressive missives? Linking to my house on Street View was perhaps going a little far, but then it was my old house so I’m not so worried about a crazy Floridian man waking me up with a knife to my throat. I mean, more than I already do.

  • Destil

    … I hold him (Merus), you hit him.

  • Jigglyrulez

    So i’ve been following the mafia games lately, and just registered. Really fascinating stuff. I look forward to locking horns with such a wonderful thinker as yourself!

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