Man, it’s a good thing I’m hitting that bonus…

On top of the $40 for Super Street Fighter IV, I dropped $50 on re-upping my Xbox Live subscription and another $35 on a fightpad with T. Hawk on it. Which amuses me, because, like, T. Hawk? Really? I mean, I like T. Hawk, but I thought I was the only one.

Back when Street Fighter Anniversary Collection came out on PS2, I invested in a pair of really nice fightpads with Ken and Chun-Li on. I played the hell out of Street Fighter 3 and Guilty Gear XX with those things, and they really did improve my game a little bit. (A very little bit, as it happens, but I’ll take what I can get.)

There’s nowhere to plug those bad boys in on a PS3, though… otherwise I might have gotten that version of SSF4 instead.

In any case: I finished up clearing the Arcade mode on Easiest with all the characters. I’m calling that “Beaten” on my Backloggery account. You can’t stop me. Try and stop me. You can’t do it.

Now I’m taking a break to write this post and watch some ranked matches on the Replay Channel. This is pretty great, actually! I could sit and watch decent players kick each other’s asses for hours. Back when Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix was still hot shit, we had nightly round-robin parties where sucky players like me spent more time watching matches and talking shit than actually playing. And that was fine with me!

Now all I need is for someone to talk me out of buying all the DLC costumes. Elvis Balrog you guys!

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