Street Fighter IV Crossword

Here’s one of those dumb things I do when I’m bored at work, and then make you all suffer through:

Yeah, that’s an image, sorry. I don’t know how to make it interactive. I think you need to use Flash or leprechaun magic or something.

Anyway, all 35 characters from Super Street Fighter IV fit in there, so all you need to get started is a list of the characters. (Look in your instruction manual. Or, if you didn’t buy the game for some reason, Google it. Or better yet, just say “Crosswords are stupid,” and walk away from this blog.)

If your printer doesn’t work, I whipped up a spreadsheet version: sf4cross.xls.

2 comments to Street Fighter IV Crossword

  • Nicola Nomali

    I started this up, and my girlfriend joined in to help, even though she doesn’t know who any of these people are. We had fun!

  • Nich

    Solved! I thought it’d be hard without clues, but I just went for all the three-letter names first to see how they’d have to fit in the context of the other names, and was able to build from there.

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