Zero missed jumps in five minutes…

…is  a pretty good track record for someone at my skill level! I was in front of the computer watching The Guild (when I should have been sleeping) when Peanut came in to deliver my new 360 fightpad. Her first question: “Why did you get T. Hawk?”

Clearly this woman does not understand the glory of T. Hawk. More importantly, she does not understand the glory of buying the least expensive controller one finds on Amazon Marketplace. In actuality I had the choice between T. Hawk or Juri, and Juri reminds me too much of one of those silicone Soul Calibur sluts. Which I guess is a double-standard considering T. Hawk is every big as topless, but still.

In other, non-T. Hawk related news: if it feels like a lot of my posts are bunts these days, it’s because of how long it takes to put together a decent “13 Weeks” post. In order to hit the Sunday deadline I’ll be starting work on this week’s entry tonight. Worth the effort, in my opinion, but when you’re running a daily blog that extra energy’s got to come from somewhere. What am I supposed to do, play fewer video games? Please.

1 comment to Zero missed jumps in five minutes…

  • DragonShadow

    Idea for a “13 Weeks” post: Most Awesome City.

    And contrastly, Most Awesome Dungeon. (FFX loses)

    two weeks, DONE.

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