Weeks Flyin’ By

One of the perks of my shift is that it helps my weeks just fly by. I work five nights per week, but only three of those nights are really spent working. My Saturdays and Sundays are not just quiet, but dead. I typically spend them playing PSP or doodling or browsing TV Tropes. Totally stress-free.

My “busy” nights aren’t bad either, considering how much autonomy I have at my job. I pretty much just stack up my tasks for the night and then spend eight hours knocking them down. I don’t really answer to anyone, and I’m not involved in the same office politics as the day shift is.

Thursdays and Fridays are my nights off; I spend one at home goofing off, working on LPs, writing, or playing video games… then the other is game night. After a night of raucous jubilation I’m about ready for some quiet time at the office to decompress.

The main point is, though, that I’m never more than a few days away from a change up. Three nights working, two nights playing, two nights chillaxing. It’s a good schedule. And every other Saturday I walk out of the joint with a couple hunnerd bucks. It’s not a bad gig.

Today, of course, was Memorial Day, which means time-and-a-half. Everyone else in my department, those day shift 9-to-5 suckers, had to cash in four hours of PTO since they were only needed for four hours on the clock. Holidays don’t really affect the night shift though, so I got my full eight. That’s a night-and-a-half’s pay just to sit here playing Exit on my PSP.

By the way, Exit is a decent little puzzle game… until you have to make a running jump. Someone decided that running jumps needed to be the most finnicky bullcrap imaginable. This is a game where you’ll solve 80% of a puzzle, suddenly realize you botched the first 2%, then have to replay the entire thing. I’m okay with that; that’s how puzzle games work. But when you play 80% of a puzzle and then have to replay the entire thing because you told your little man to jump and he didn’t listen? Well now I just want to pour steak sauce on the UMD and eat it.

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  • Alpha Werewolf

    Reading this, it occurs to me that I have no idea what’s your job (but it sounds pretty fun! If I can’t get a job as a game coder, sitting around doing nothing/games/mafia and being paid for it sounds pretty nice).

    “browsing TV Tropes”
    That’s my favorite non-game computer activity! Followed right up by reading LPs. Have you ever started closing tabs just because the amount just slows your computer down? It’s amazing.

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