Can we haz new genre nao?

My TV is pretty much an endless cavalcade of The Closer, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, various flavors of CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Leverage, Burn Notice, etc. etc. etc. I’m about crime drama’d out now, man. Certainly there’s some way we can build and maintain tension without the standard police/criminal pairing? How about a show about Alfonso Schleisberg, the rabbi who bakes?

I solved about 40-ish puzzles in Picross 3D this morning. This game is at least as fun as the original Picross DS, and perhaps moreso. I keep poking the wrong box and screwing up my puzzles though; I haven’t decided whether that’s my fault for not being careful enough, or the game’s fault for being too imprecise. I’d hate to think of what’ll happen when the puzzles start getting bigger (and the blocks therefore smaller).

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  • Elfir

    There are about a dozen pilots for next season related to superheroes. I’m sure no more than one per network will actually make it to air, but if that becomes anything approaching a major genre I’ll be longing for the days of crime drama.

    Might be some Glee-wannabe musicals itching to come out of the woodworks too.

    If only they’d join forces for a Dr Horrible-like series…

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