PSP vs. DS

Hey gang, just a quickie today. Lots of LP work to get back to.

Something pretty amazing happened at some point in the past few weeks: I realized I was enjoying my PSP more than my DS Lite. The PSP’s screen is bigger and brighter, the buttons are more comfortable, you don’t have to dick around with a stylus, you don’t have to wait through the boot screen every time you turn the system on… I dunno. Just an all around better package.

I had a similar epiphany back sometime in 2007 when I realized the Xbox 360, which I bought on a lark, was eating up all the game time I had originally intended for my Nintendo Wii. And even a few years earlier when my PS2 all but replaced my Gamecube.

Mario and Zelda and things are good, but most of my mainstream gaming is done elsewhere. But don’t worry, Big N… you’ll always be #2 to me.

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  • Nicola Nomali

    What model PSP do you have? Because my original model has at least one boot animation (on top of never holding a battery charge).

  • I have a PSP-3000, which should be the same as the one in the Dissidia pack, and unless I’m using Sleep Mode, it has a pretty lengthy boot sequence. It’s definately a LOT longer for the PSP to boot from a cold start, compared to the DS. Something like 30 seconds minimum before you can even use the menus, and another 5~10 seconds after that before it recognizes that you even have a UMD in the drive and starts loading it’s details.

  • Destil

    The PSP has analog (horrid as the nub is) and isn’t so small as to make my hands cramped after a few hours with an action game. No contest.

    Now if only they would actually have done a proper replacement with a 2nd analog instead of the laughably crippled go.

  • Lys

    Timely! The very day of this post, I opened for my birthday a PSP bundled with Peace Walker, and also received Crisis Core — the two games for which I’d wanted a PSP. Very excited!

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