Some days…

…I just don’t have anything. Today is such a day.

Well, I can share this I guess:



This is a minor character in my old RPG Maker game that a TOTALLY RAD DUDE did some fan art of. I’ve been using the artwork as a forum avatar for a while now, and recently this same STILL TOTALLY RAD DUDE did an updated version. It’s pretty equally awesome, but doesn’t look nice scaled down to avatar size. So I’m putting it here to share with the world. Aristocrab 2.0! Beautiful.

The funny thing about the Aristocrab is that it was originally a sprite edit. I needed a gag monster for a sidequest, and thought the mental image of a crab wearing a top hat was amusing, so I started scouring SNES RPGs for enemy sprites. I eventually settled on the one from Secret of Mana, then had a sprite artist friend of mine draw the top hat and monocle on. Very few players advanced to the point where they could meet the Aristocrab, and I have no idea what possessed someone to make fan art of it, but it’s really cool to see this little gag character, originally just a silly joke and a sprite edit, given his own identity.

I mean… he looks so snobby. Brilliant.

In other news, I am getting psyched to go on vacation next week. I’ll be gone four days, and I’m working on something pretty cool for the site on those four days. I hope I finish it in time. If not, well… I dunno, more pictures of the Aristocrab? Wouldn’t be a bad way to spend a weekend.

3 comments to Some days…

  • dtsund

    You know… I still need to try Kinetic Cipher.

  • Lys

    Much love for the Aristocrab! But an unrelated question: what do you think about Castlevania: Harmony of Despair? Fantastic Idea or Travesty? And I’m calling dibs on being in your co-op party if you fall on the Fantastic Idea side of the line… 😉

    • Brickroad

      I don’t know anything about it! I slept through E3, and am waiting for the internet to kind of sift through it before I collect my thoughts about what was shown.

      Anyway I’ll be in your co-op party on any game ever, Lys.

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