Three Unrelated Things From Beyond the Grave

Hmm… I guess I’ve done enough “three unrelated things” posts that it could kind of be its own category. Maybe worth thinking about. Anyway…

1) Final Fantasy IX looks fantastic on the PSP. I really cannot believe this game is ten years old. This game is older now than Final Fantasy IV was when it, itself, was new. Anyway, all the griping and bitching and moaning about how much trouble it was to get the game off the PSN servers and onto my PSP were worth it. It still has the best intro in the entire series. Here’s hoping I don’t stall out in Dali (again).

2) I’m told Pepsi Throwback is returning in August. This makes me so happy I could just about pop. I want all of you to go out and buy a hundred cases; that should be enough incentive to finally begin offering the drink year-round as opposed to limited times only.

3) One of my toenails recently fell off. I think I might have leprosy.

Hmm… depending on how pedantic you want to be, this entry actually contains four unrelated things. (No, wait! Five!)

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