The LP That Didn’t Happen

The story behind this is as simple as it is tragic. I spent an afternoon recording Super Mario 64 videos using a pretty decent N64 emulator I found and my screen-recording program, Camtasia. Usually when doing a live recording I just go for however long I feel like, then chop the huge video into ten-minute-sized chunks for YouTube. When it’s a game I know well, though, I like to record in ten-minute bursts instead. Such was the case for SM64.

Well, for some reason Camtasia has a number of different naming options for its working files. By default it saves a recording as “Capture.camrec”, with subsequent recordings being given a number. So at the end of a long day of playing Mario I expected to have a list consisting of Capture, Capture01, Capture02, etc.

However, one of the options is to force the file to save as “Capture.camrec”, which means each ten-minute segment I recorded was silently and irretrievably overwriting the previous segment. I didn’t figure out this was happening until I’d recorded a half-dozen chunks and gotten halfway up the castle. All that remains of the entire endevour is this one video, where I gather some stars on Tall, Tall Mountain.

The idea was to just get the 70 fastest stars I could think of and beat the game. Now this is all that’s left. What might have been!

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