Go ahead. Have some Skype sex.

I don’t usually make it a point to read Cosmo, but sometimes when you’re holed up in the bathroom tending to business there’s nothing else at arm’s length to read. Like cracked.com the entire magazine is broken up into easily digestible lists, and this morning I had enough business to give me time to nutter down a few charming little pearls of wisdom. Such as:

Considering I myself have almost fourteen hours of Skype conversations recorded with some British guy, when I saw this I nearly giggled myself off the shitter. I know Cosmo isn’t exactly known for its journalistic integrity, but still. To print something so blatantly false?

I hope this issue of Cosmo tricks a few hundred bimbos into having “Skype sex” with their more tech-savvy boyfriend, only to have their adventure shared with the world on Facebook or YouTube. And I’m looking forward to next month’s article, “Go Ahead, Put Pictures Of Your Vagina Online, It Is A Well-Known Fact Only Elves Can See Them, and Elves Aren’t Real (Except the Keebler Elves)”.

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