Let’s Play Super RMN Bros.

Ugh. It’s finally over.

This LP was a nightmare. Borderline-unplayable game, buggy and laggy game engine, complete ignorance of pretty much every rule in the Super Mario playbook… not to mention the glaring faults on my end; shitty framerate, dropped music, endless complaining. On top of that, the series is too long. Still two “bonus” videos to go, in fact. They’re at least a little more pleasant.

I’ve had three people from the RM community approach me about doing LPs for their games. I won’t be doing them. And yes, one of them was Super RMN Bros. 2. I’ll play that, of course, and probably blog about whether it’s better or worse, and why. But no more 35-video sets. They had their shot.

Including the two videos I’m uploading tomorrow, this series is pushing six hours. Yeesh. According to this graph almost one-sixth of that was spent on D Bones’s terrible red coins level.

For the record, no, I don’t really hate D Bones. I don’t even know who he is. But maybe he should give up game-making and pick up, I dunno, macramé.

6 comments to Let’s Play Super RMN Bros.

  • Merus

    And yet D Bones made the first RMN level you actually liked.

  • Magi

    You never played the best level though!!

  • I played along with you and I wholeheartedly agree. The guys who made this game totally failed to grasp the Mario vibe. A 2d Mario game should be kept simple. You shouldn’t have to solve weird puzzles and find hidden stuff unless you want to get all the secrets. A good Mario game should be beatable with good platforming skills alone. None of that hidden coins crap. That works a lot better in the 3d games. Stuff like blind jumps, bad enemy placement and untested level ideas are unforgivable in a Mario game. And RMN bros is guilty of all of those.

    Yea the engine was a little buggy back when the game was made, and the recent updates solved a lot of the problems (hardly ever get lag anymore) but you got it dead on in the last batch of the videos. If the engine you’re using is buggy or has issues, then make sure you find a way AROUND those problems. Work with what you’re given (Don’t make freaking scrolling levels if the engine can’t handle them)

    But I really REALLY enjoyed you whining and bitching about RMS bros. I’m a jerk who likes to see people suffer I guess.
    So despite the flaws and problems it was still a thoroughly enjoyable ride and it introduced me and my nephew to a neat little program we’ve been having a lot of fun with.

  • FSS

    ROFL you made a graph. You spent 50 minutes on that red coins level? It seemed to go by so fast for me…

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