Taking Audiosurf Requests (unless no one wants me to)

Well, since I have nothing recorded and not really a lot of desire to do any real recording, I figured I might open the floodgates. Someone recently (and jokingly?) suggested I do an LP series of the entire Suikoden soundtrack in Audiosurf. I thought that was a pretty dumb idea, since that series would take forever and be pretty boring to watch, and I don’t have the Suikoden soundtrack on this computer anyway.

But I have been playing a lot of Audiosurf here lately:

So hey, why not? I’m uploading a test video and I’m going to be taking requests. I figure if I get a ten video set out of it, it’ll have been worth doing. There won’t be any commentary, though, just videos of me surfing. Why? Three reasons:

  1. Live commentary is impossible because this game is like ZOMG REFLEXES. And scripted commentary would be stupid because there’s not much of anything about the game to say.
  2. The whole point of the game is to enjoy music in a new way, which is hard to do if I’m blabbing overtop of it.
  3. This exercise is designed to give me some breathing room. I’m playing the game anyway, see, so if I don’t have to worry about narrating the videos are as easy as hitting record.

So leave some comments about tracks you think would be fun to hear, or would be fun to watch me surf, or whatever. I’ll probably do some of ya’ll’s suggestions alongside some picks of my own. (Video game soundtracks — what else?)

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