Clean ALL the things!

I spent all morning doing chores, and the goddamn house still isn’t clean. I give up. Updating my website is kind of a chore too, so I’m totally skipping out today. I’ll let YouTube bring the entertainment instead:

Complete History of the Soviet Union, Arranged to the Tetris Melody

Everyone I have showed this too has been amazed by it except for one person who is allergic to fun.

As I continue to work on my articles about gaming heroines, I’ve identified a few games in my collection I have to play, like, now. It’s pretty stressful, knowing that I have an article planned weeks from now and if I haven’t finished Game X by then I won’t be able to write it. Basically, this blog is stressing me out, and my LPs are stressing me out, and it feels like gaming in general is stressing me out. To help alleviate this I went and downloaded the Nom Nom Nom song in Rock Band. Amazing the joy and relief a dollar can bring you, sometimes.

(But don’t worry, I won’t stop writing the blog or recording the LPs. I’m addicted to gaming stress, at this point.)

3 comments to Clean ALL the things!

  • ThricebornPhoenix

    Why do you have to play them, like, now? Why not “whenever”? Do you buy more games than you have time for, and feel obligated to play every one to completion? And do you consider this stress to be more reasonable than stressing over Achievements? I’m kind of mystified by the whole phenomenon of stressful entertainment and its general acceptance by the gaming public.

    • Brickroad

      Because I wrote myself a schedule for this particular blog series, and it involves writing about characters from games I haven’t played, or haven’t played in years, by particular dates.

      It’s better than Achievement stress because, like, going to the bank sounds like the worst thing ever until you actually go, and then as soon as you step outside you realize it’s not so bad, and the bank is actually a cool place, and it’s air conditioned and you’re only really there for like five minutes. Achievement stress is less “dammit I have to go to the bank!” and more “dammit I have to let this Iraqi dude strap me to a chair and pound splinters up under my fingernails!”

      • ThricebornPhoenix

        Oh, so they’re all for the blog series. I feel like I should’ve picked up on that, but I had an impression that you found some unrelated games lying around and felt a weird obligation to play them immediately.

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