Three Catastrophically Unrelated Things

Unrelated Thing #1
Peanut left an airplane itinerary on my desk, which I guess means she’s leaving me to my own devices next week. I hope she realizes there’s an excellent chance I’ll have burned down the apartment, or starved to death due to my own laziness, or that some other horrible thing will happen to me.

Unrelated Thing #2
Our router took a crap, so I replaced our old Linksys device with a shiny new Netgear. I don’t know if it’s the new brand, or Win7’s superiority in this department, or what, but getting the network set back up was so ridiculously easy compared to previous times where I’ve had to do it. I remember being forced to jump through a bunch of hoops and punching in some ridiculous 16-character passcode on four computers and three consoles with the Linksys setup. This new one? I just pressed a button and everything magically worked. Win7 was even smart enough to just know I’d want to be able to access my music library from the laptop in the living room, so I was able to rock out to some Homestuck while doing the dishes.

Unrelated Thing #3
A while ago Peanut bought me a McDonald’s Happy Meal because there was a Batman toy inside. It turned out to be an Aquaman toy. He’s been sitting on my computer desk ever since. Mocking me. Because Aquaman doesn’t have any super-powers which translate well into a spring-loaded hamburger toy, he just has a switch on his back that make his arms go up and down. Look out, evil! This mofo can swim and do the wave!

McAquaman knows how much he sucks, though. Check out the awesome expression of nervous anxiety they put on his little plastic head:

That isn’t “I am a warrior for justice!” That is “ohgod ohgod ohgod there’s a load in my pants.”

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