Aagh! What… what are those!?

You may have noticed I put a little “share” button at the bottom of this post. And every post in the archives. And every content page in the sidebar. And I want you to know, that I feel horrible about that. Really, I do. Last night I even chickened out took it back down a few times, only to steel my resolve and stay the course.

I don’t know why, but I always feel guilty about advertising myself in any way. Like, it just seems too self-serving to be all like, “Hey I have a blog, maybe you’d like to read it?” There’s this palpable… skeeve to it that just doesn’t sit right with me. And like, wow, how utterly pretentious of me to expect people to schill me out on Digg or Facebook when I don’t actually use those sites at all myself.

So I already know these buttons make me a horrible person. Believe me, I do.

But I would still really appreciate if you clicked every single one of them, every single day. Thank you very much!

In other news…

It looks as though I’ve missed the first episode of Survivor: Nicaragua, which aired on Thursday night. It’s just as well, since Peanut was out of town that night and watching Survivor without her is one of the conditions under which she’s legally allowed to dissolve our engagement and then dissolve me in a vat of acid. Rest assured I will be watching it, and I will be giving the play-by-play here on the site. I was even thinking of maybe taking things in a bit of a different direction this season. We’ll see how that goes.

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