Professor Layton and the Incessant Butt-Monkey

Back when the previous Layton game came out, I wrote this post about how hilariously inept Layton was as poor Flora’s caretaker, if indeed that was his role. I’m happy to report that her status in the third game, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, hasn’t improved much. I’m still only about 80 puzzles in, but so far this has been the complete sum of Flora’s involvement in the plot:

  1. Layton and Luke embark on a new, exciting adventure without her. Again.
  2. After an afternoon of arranging matchsticks and holding pictures up to mirrors, they find Flora waiting for them back at Layton’s office. She scolds them for having left her behind, and makes them promise to take her along from now on. Being the gentlemen they are, Layton and Luke agree. Flora leaves to fetch tea.
  3. The very moment Flora’s back is turned, the “gentlemen” ditch her. I mean straight-up bail on her, not thirty seconds after inviting her along. That’s some cold-blooded middle school shit, right there.
  4. Flora eventually catches up with them anyway, and almost makes it one full scene before fainting. Later, she complains about being tired after walking maybe two or three blocks.

I haven’t played any further than that, but I expect she’ll ultimately get kidnapped by goons or carried off by birds, at which point Layton and Luke will be able to get back to their mystery without having to worry about her constantly breaking nails or having periods or whatever silly lady things girls do in these games.

"Hurry, Professor! She's gaining on us!"

"Hurry, Professor! She's gaining on us!"

5 comments to Professor Layton and the Incessant Butt-Monkey

  • Man, and you know? I actually like Flora. So I’m actually kind of upset that Layton and Luke keep acting like she doesn’t exist and/or ditching her.

  • Merus

    I made a joke about the next game in the series being Professor Layton and the Child Services Department, and that certainly holds.

    She is, at least, finally allowed to solve a couple of puzzles, though.

  • SpoonyBard

    I’ve never played a Layton game yet, but I feel I must link this even though everyone’s probably already seen it.

    • Metal Man Master

      Aw man, now I really need to go back and play all the way through Diabolical Box to see this in game context. I stupidly burned myself out last time, reacquiring Curious Village so I could try unlocking content between the two and all but then getting agitated with all those Wi-Fi puzzles I could finally access. -.-;

  • Bongo Bill

    But Brickroad, she has cooties!

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