Way Behind On Everything

Between the six or seven games I’m trying to play right now (with another pretty important one coming tomorrow), I have been slacking off on my various internet duties, up to and including the Great Heroines series, Survivor posts, my FF1 LP, and getting another YouTube set done.

But you know? Sometimes in life you just have to kick back and be lazy. I’ve kind of had one of those weeks.

On the plus side, I proofread a bunch of Peanut’s school projects, solved the first two worlds of Mighty Flip Champs and killed another two discs of Lost. They were keeping the 1970s in the hatch? Huh. I was wondering where they went.

What I need is to get back on some kind of internet schedule. It looks like our current Mafia game is winding down, and if I steal Peanut’s laptop I can get my FF1 LP done up at work over the course of a night or two.

Sorry all you hip cats, but I’m ducking out tonight. I promise to try and be a little less lamesauce in the weeks to come.

(And Lys — we will totally play some Multivania one night this week. We have not rapped in like, forever, yo. Just let me know.)

6 comments to Way Behind On Everything

  • Metal Man Master

    You know, I should really get back to updating my own LP too, but with our recent reformatting, working on my linework by drawing horrors on paper and in Art Academy, typing posts on forums and blogs with a plastic Zero bar, allergies, trying to beat Mighty Flip Champs, helping set up at work, Mom using the Lappy for Mahjong, cooking, and good ol’ lazybones procrastination, it’s been hard to find the time to snap shots of a game, sort out the shots I wanna use, and add snarky captions.

    Oh well. At least the reformat will be a good opportunity to show how edible foods’ effects change with each file. And my interest in DQIX’s died down at the 270 hour mark, so it won’t be a distraction when Risky’s Revenge hits. ^^;

  • Craze

    Pretty important? Four Warriors of Light, the remake of FF1?

  • MCBanjoMike

    Wait a second…the title of this post is a pun! Damn you, Brickroad!

  • Lys

    I would absolutely be up for Multivania — how’s Wednesday night?

    (And you should get Portrait of Ruin, as long as you aren’t annoyed by the idea of Jonathan and Charlotte shouting their names every single time you switch between them. JONATHAN! CHARLOTTE! JONATHAN! You might start hearing it in your sleep.) ^_^

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