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I woke up today to find news that Cave Story had been patched on the Wii. This was good news, because the only good thing about the Wii port was that it was Cave Story. So I plugged in the Wii, set it up on my wireless network, and got downloading.

That I bought this new router two months ago and am just now getting around to setting up the Wii should give you some indication of how often it gets played in my house.

As always, the Wii immediately proceeded to suck ass. Though the Cave Story patch is only four blocks, for some reason my Wii is not up to the task of downloading it. Don’t bother with the helpful suggestions; it is not my connection, nor my router settings, nor my firewall, nor my security passcode. The Xbox and the PS3 and the laptop are all chirping away merrily. The Wii just randomly decides to not work sometimes. The internet is the biggest and most important thing in the world, and nothing Nintendo makes can plug into it reliably:

At least the music is catchy.

No error message, no Mario collecting coins, nothing. It’s just been sitting there… rotating… for the better part of an hour now. And of course there’s no cancel button; that would make too much sense. To get my Wii back I’m going to have to power cycle the machine. With a claw hammer.

Anyway, while I’m snapping off pictures of screens I figured I’d finally share this one I took last week with the camera phone:

Why, look at that handsome name!

That is my name (rather, my pseudonym) in the credits for Shantae: Risky’s Revenge. Also, my granola bar. I was about to move the granola bar out of the shot, but then I was like. “Screw that. I’m in the Shantae credits. I will show the world my granola bar and I literally do not even care.”

Oh, and if my boss is reading this, that is a clever Photoshop. I don’t actually keep a DS in the office to play at work. That would be a flagrant violation of company policy.

On the subject of Risky’s Revenge, I was intensely pleased with the game. It was short and it was fun, which is exactly the correct combination to have in an action platformer. I might have a post in me on the subject of the sad state of the DSi overall, and how I’m worried that Shantae will be just as overlooked here at the dawn of the 3DS as she was at the dawn of the GBA. I dunno. Maybe next week.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already done so, go and get you the full Risky’s Revenge soundtrack. It is amazing and it is cheap. (Seriously, we’re talking “pick your own price” cheap.) It has been the soundtrack to my life for the past three days.

8 comments to Pictures of Screens

  • Kishi

    My favorite thing about the Risky’s Revenge soundtrack is that a number of tracks are direct recreations of melodies from the original Shantae (which is also up for download), and the difference in comparing the two is fairly mind-blowing.

    Also, welcome to the “in the Special Thanks for a long-awaited sequel to an underappreciated property” club!

  • Hehe, after I saw that they used Barracuda Joe for an NPC (on top of them plugging your LP AND buying you a DSi XL), I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the game to see if you were also in the credits!

    They really like you!

  • Craze

    Wow. That’s pretty awesome.

    Now you’re going to watch the credits after every speedrun, aren’t you?

  • With regards to Cave Story’s update, I’ve seen that apparently it can’t download the update if you put Cave Story on a SD card. You’d have to delete it from the card and redownload entirely. Or copy it back to the Wii, I guess.

  • Tomm

    It would be a shame if someone told WayForward how much you dislike Contra 4.

  • Lys

    Contra 4 is very excellent, even though I’m not man enough for Normal.

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