Three Things So Unrelated It’s Practically Racist

Unrelated Thing #1: I didn’t attend the Rally for Sanity. I would have, if I were within anything-distance of D.C., but as it is I just had to stay home and catch the highlights on Comedy Central and YouTube. Here’s the crowning moment:

That’s got to be the most important political speeches given in recent years. We, as a nation, pretty much needed to be told to just cool out. It’s too easy for both sides of our political spectrum to see nothing but enemies lurking around every corner. It makes it especially difficult for folks like me, who are too conservative for their liberal friends and too liberal for their conservative ones.

(I remember one crazy day last year where I was called a hippie socialist on one forum, and a baby-killing murderer on another… all in the span of a couple hours. Oh, Internet!)

It was heartening to be reminded that most of us are just regular dudes doing regular dude things. It’s too easy to lose sight of that, most of the time.

Unrelated Thing #2: Aristocrab 3.0!

Aristocrab 3.0My cherished bosom buddy Loki drew that for me. Did you know Loki has a blog? Here is a thing what takes you there. He pretty much just talks about video games all the time, which makes it sorta like my blog, except I think he actually uses a spell checker.

Unrelated Thing #3: If you can at all avoid it, do not sing Light My Fire by The Doors in Rock Band 3. That song is like six minutes of tambourine hell, followed by the word “yeah”, then six more minutes of tambourine hell. It was so boring that it made me hate Rock Band, if only for a moment.

1 comment to Three Things So Unrelated It’s Practically Racist

  • Considering what was said in John Stewart’s speech about people throwing around words like “socialist” and “racist” far too easily, thus diminishing the power behind their actual meaning, I find it hilarious that this blog post is titled “Three Things So Unrelated Its Practically Racist.”

    Or you did that on purpose, which I could see happening, coming from you.

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