I just had probably the least productive day of my life. I got only an embarrassingly small amount of NaNo writing done, gave up on processing LP screenshots halfway through out of sheer lethargy, and didn’t even have the energy to put my Rock Band 3 disc back in the Xbox for my daily pro keys practice.

Days like this often happen because I have one chore. Today my chore was grocery shopping. I knew the store closed at 8pm, and I woke up around 11am, so I spent the entire day sitting here saying, “Well, there’s no point in me starting writing just yet, because I’ll just have to quit when I go to the store. And there’s no point in going to the store just yet, because it’s going to be open for another seven hours.” I spent the entire afternoon dredging around that vicious cycle until finally getting the shopping done around 6pm. Then I got home and it’s like, well, now I just have to leave for work in a few hours.

So I watched old stand-up on YouTube while I ate dinner. And now I’m tired and cranky, and I have an extra hour tacked onto my shift at work tonight because my country is too stupid to ditch Daylight Savings.

The bright side is, I’m about due to get a second wind six or seven ounces of Pepsi from now, and I’ve got two scenes’ worth of NaNo in my head that I’m kind of excited to get down into words.

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  • Rosencrantz

    I had a similar kind of day. I have to get up at 2:30 am tomorrow for a twelve-hour film shoot in the forest (where my main job will be to carry heavy shit all over and set it up). In preparation, I stayed up until almost 8 am this morning but circumstances forced me to wake up at noon. The idea was to sleep all day today and then go to the shoot without being dragged out of bed after not getting enough rest. But now that I’ve been awake and I didn’t get enough sleep this morning, I’m going to have to try to go to bed in about an hour so that I can get about six hours of sleep.

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