Recording Audio

At the time of writing this I’ve been awake for twenty-seven straight hours. Whether the colored spots floating in front of my face are creative hallucinations or my house has been invaded by prismatic space creatures from beyond time, I can’t say. They sure are pretty, though.

I picked up this guy at the airport this morning, and we instantly became bored. What to do with ourselves, we asked? Well, I do LPs, and he does LPs, so we decided to do an LP together. And unlike that 88-video monstrosity I recorded with that English bloke on Skype this time last year, the two players would be sitting in the same room together this time around. The logistics couldn’t be simpler; get a $2 splitter, plug two microphones in it, and go to town.

Would you believe that the logistics of recording narration with a guy who lives on the other side of the ocean was easier than someone sitting two feet away from me? Glory be to Skype for all its wonder and majesty.

Needless to say, the splitter option didn’t work. Not only didn’t it work, in fact; it spectacularly didn’t work. The equipment required to get Windows to recognize two voices at once is prohibitively expensive. The solution we eventually cobbled together is so duct tape-y that I almost can’t believe we’re going to implement it: I’m going to be recording my voice and the game audio on my machine. And though he will be sitting right next to me, he’ll actually be plugged into Peanut’s desktop, recording on a different machine entirely. Then I’m going to sync the two tracks up and, hopefully, the amount of echo picked up in our respective headsets will not detract from the overall experience too terribly much.

So why doesn’t the $2 splitter work? The answer may surprise you: centaurs. Yeah.

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